The anticipation mounts as we draw closer to the completion of our renovations.  The crew promised that they would pack up their tools and be out of here by the end of April and it looks like they will deliver!  That means, for me, that I must get out the cleaning supplies and have everything in tip-top shape before you arrive!

I am now taking bookings for our fully furnished two bedroom, two bathroom, three fireplace luxury suite with high-end kitchen including quality appliances.  Tariff per night is $240 for two people (using 1 bedroom), $280 for both bedrooms, plus 5% tax.  This includes free off street parking, free wifi (computer cables also provided formore security), access to our laundry room, a hot tub in the garden and the pleasure of our gardens.  For summer months there is also a barbecue and a picnic table.

Currently, at the end of April, we still have snow in the mountains, but the garden is lush and profuse with all kinds of spring flowers and trees just coming into full leaf.  The air smells sweet with natural perfume.  Migrating birds arrived several weeks ago, so there is a flurry of feathery activity. 

I will be uploading photos as soon as possible...hopefully in a couple of weeks.

I know you'd like to share this with me!  I look forward to hearing from you soon.