The men have been working diligently on our project.  But, as always, there is so much more to a reno than the average person might think.  Once again, almost every room in our house has been effected, even if it means dusting upstairs (as well as up the stairs) at the end of every day!

But we are seeing results.  Wilf and I have been painting.  The new floors are in.  Apparently the kitchen cupboards are to be delivered today with installation completed by the end of this week!  Appliances will be installed in early April.

Now comes the fun part.  We'll need a couch for you to relax on, maybe watch some TV on the new screen.  Better call the "blind" lady soon so you'll be able to block out any glare.  We were lucky to catch some post Christmas sales for kitchen supplies, but there are still several things we need.

Our new model is a luxury suite for your comfort while you enjoy all that Sea to Sky has to offer.  We are now booking for summer 2016!  Log into our website or phone me at 1-604-815-3022.  I know you'll want to share this with me!