We have had an amazing summer in Squamish.  Plenty of sunshine for enjoying all the outdoor activities you can imagine!  As we turn to autumn, I feel so lucky to live here, in our West Coast mountain community.  Fresh snow on the peaks of Garibaldi and Alpha mountains get me excited for winter!  The fall goes quickly as we look forward to not only coloured leaves (OK...so not quite as colourful as other parts of Canada, but the hillsides look lovely as the green becomes yellow and orange), but the return of the salmon (coho are already "running" in the Squamish River, which attracts the seals, who seem to be quite photogenic).  There are a lot of bears this year, so care in the woods is recommended.  However, don't let them keep you out!  The earthy autumn air smells so good!  And then, in late November, the Bald Eagles will arrive, since they like their sushi salmon buffet to be quite ripe!

Autumn is a lovely season here at Meadowbrook.  Still lots of good hiking, biking, kite boarding, golfing, sailing, fishing, and more.  Then come "home" to warm up by a cozy fire with a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa before prepping dinner in our well equipped kitchen, or availing yourself of one of our local restaurants.

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