The other day, as I was walking up the street toward home, I noticed a Bald Eagle perched in a tall tree behind my house, overlooking the creek.  I was in a mellow mood already, so at that moment I said to myself, "When I get home, instead of running around doing mundane chores, I'm going to get my knitting and sit at the window."  It was a beautiful, winter day.

So I did just that.  Looking up from my knitting, I noticed 2 juvenile eagles arguing over what may have once been a promising meal.  Today it was barely recognizable as a salmon carcass.  But that did not deter the fight.  Eventually, the two were shoved out of the way by a regal adult.  Before too long, another adult flew in.  All in all, I was privy to my own private showing of no fewer than 8 eagles squabbling over the last bits of salmon.

The annual Eagle Count which takes place the first Sunday of every January was a bleak prospect this year.  To date it was the only day this winter where we actually had a snow storm.  It's very difficult to see the telling white head and tail feathers when there is snow swirling all around.  Needless to say the count was low.  But some of us still get quite a show!

Don't you wish you could share this with me?