After yesterday's ever changing weather, it was a pleasure to see stars just before I went to bed .  Promise of a beautiful first-day-of- spring!  But things can change in a hurry around here.  When I looked out the window first thing this morning, clouds hid the mountain tops.  However, an hour later, the sun had evaporated the fog, and I was treated to the sight of the emerging Coneybeare peak covered in fresh snow.  Promise restored!  There are not many scenes more beautiful to look at than a snow capped mountain on a blue-sky day!

All that fresh snow means more fun at Whistler and the Callaghan.  My husband and I are hoping to take a break from chores in the next few days to do some snow shoeing and then use the Gift Certificate for Scandinave Spa.  I'll let you know how it was, but I'm sure you can use your imagination!

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